Campaigning for Safety

Merry AF

There are four challenges to practicing evidence-basedmedicine: obtaining the evidence; evaluating the evidence; promulgatingthe evidence; and persuading practitioners to adoptthe evidence and practice according to the evidence. The PerfusionDown Under (PDU) Collaboration addresses the first three.The fourth is more difficult, and it typically takes many years fornew evidence to be adopted into widespread practice. In the caseof innovations related to patient safety, evidence from randomizedcontrolled trials is often very expensive to obtain. Other methodsof evaluation may be more appropriate, but these do need to berobust and to take account of the constructs underlying the innovationsand the context in which they are to be implemented. Inthe United States, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement(IHI) aims (among other things) to promote the adoption of bestpractices and effective innovations. The IHI has articulated a usefulframework for doing this. Measurement is fundamental toquality improvement, and sustainable change is likely to be morereadily achieved if claims are supported by credible, measurable,and clinically relevant outcome data. The PDU is well placed tosupport quality improvement in perfusion by providing such data.
References:Merry AF Campaigning for Safety JECT 2012;44:16-19
Institution(s):University of Auckland and Green Lane Department of Anesthesia, Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand